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IBPS PO Main Exam Analysis

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IBPS PO Main Exam Analysis

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The IBPS PO Selection Process involves three phases: Preliminary Examination; Mains Examination and Interview. IBPS PO 2019 Mains Exam was held on \({30}^{th}\) November 2019. IBPS PO 2019 Mains exam consists of Objective Test for 200 marks and Descriptive Test for 25 marks in online mode. The article IBPS PO Main Exam Analysis presents the complete review of IBPS PO 2019 Mains Exam as per the feedback shared from the Students.

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IBPS PO Main Exam Analysis (OVER-ALL):

Sections Good Attempts
English Language 12 – 15
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 9-13
Data Analysis and Interpretation 6-8
General Awareness 19-23
Total 63 – 66

IBPS PO Main Exam Analysis – Data Analysis and Interpretation:

S.No Topics asked Number of questions asked Difficulty Level
1 Data Interpretation 25 Very DIfcult
2 Probability 3 Very DIfcult
3 Number Series 1 Very DIfcult
4 Caselet Time and Work 3 DIfcult
5 Caselet Population 5 DIfcult

Data Interpretation:

There were 4 sets of data interpretation. 5 questions were asked from each set.

  • Caselete- Population-based

  • Double Bar Graph

  • Double table missing was given.

  • Time and work-based caselet: based on X and Y value.

  • Pie chart- Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4 4 segments 1st degree was given and condition-based relations were

  • Pie chart Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4, 4 segments, 1st degree was given, and condition based relations were given.

  • Probability-based questions were asked- 3 question,

IBPS PO Main Exam Analysis – English Language:

S. no Topics asked Number of questions asked Difculty Level
1 Reading Comprehension 16-18 Moderate to difcult
2 Word Replacement 3-4 Moderate
3 Parajumble 5 Moderate
4 Error spotting 3-4 Moderate
5 Word Exchange 4-5 Moderate to difcult

  • Reading Comprehension– Impact of gadgets like laptops and smartphones on work pressure, Happiness over GDP, Work culture affecting personal lives of people in Britain and Australia, importance of taking a break during work hours.

  • Error spotting- 3 sentences, each divided into 4 parts. Find the correct parts in the given sentences

  • Word Exchange– 2 sentences with 3 words highlighted in each. Inter sentence exchange of words was required.

  • Parajumble– 4 sentences. Each sentence was jumbled. After rearranh=ging each sentence (4 Qs), the candidate had to find the odd sentence (5th Q).

IBPS PO Main Exam Analysis – Reasoning and Computer Aptitude:

S. no Topics asked Number of questions asked Difculty Level
1 Puzzles & Seating Arrangement 20 Moderate to
2 Syllogism 2 Moderate to
3 Inequality 3 Moderate
4 Input-Output 3 Moderate
5 Coding-Decoding 3 Moderate
6 Blood relation+ Linear
4-5 Moderate to
7 Direction Distance 3-4 Moderate
8 Word-based 1 Moderate
1. Puzzles & Seating Arrangement

  • 4-5 Questions- Circular arrangement- 7 people
  • 4-5 Questions – Storey/Building puzzle
  • 4-5 Question – Blood relation+ Linear arrangement

2. Syllogism- 1 conclusion 3 was given and 3 statements in 5 options were given, asked to find correct set of statements.

3. Inequality– 3

4. Coding-Decoding: Related to books and number of pages

5. Direction Distance- coded form, lengthy

6. Letter arrangement in alphabetical form- 1 Ques

7. Coding-Decoding based on phrases, coding till 4th steps

IBPS PO Main Exam Analysis – General Awareness:

  • Most of the questions were from past 3 months (most current affairs were of October month, 1-2 questions from July, 2-3 from September)

  • There were very few questions from Banking and static awareness section

  • Most of the questions were from Current affairs only

shape Descriptive

This section was of 25 marks with a time limit of 30 minutes. Candidates had to choose from given 5 options to write a letter and an essay.

IBPS PO Main Exam Analysis – Letter Writing (150 words):

  • 1. Formal: Letter to a bank, regarding the refund of extra EMI deducted.

  • 2. Formal: Letter to a government organization regarding providing better facilities to old age people.

  • 3. Informal letter to a cousin telling about the benefits of taking a part-time job at a college.

IBPS PO Main Exam Analysis – Essay Writing (200 words):

  • Pros and cons of a 4-day working week policy

  • Impact of social media on Society

  • Ethical banking

  • FDI in the manufacturing sector