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Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 143

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Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 143

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A Newspaper is a printed or online publication that provides readers with news and articles i.e. the current affairs of a country and the world. Current Affairs play a prominent role in several government related recruitment exams in India. To better understand the current state of affairs, a candidate should acquire rich vocabulary primarily used by editors and publications of newspaper articles and editorials. SPLessons has made an effort to provide a comprehensive list of commonly used words in newspaper articles and editorials. Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 143 provides the readers with a collection of useful vocabulary for newspapers.

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Word Definition Synonyms Usage
Manoeuvre (Noun) a movement or series of moves requiring skill and care.
  • operation
  • exercise
  • activity
  • move
“snowboarders performed daring manoeuvres on precipitous slopes”
Coalition (Noun) a temporary alliance for combined action, especially of political parties forming a government
  • alliance
  • union
  • partnership
  • affiliation
  • bloc
“a coalition between Liberals and Conservatives”
Opportunism (Noun) the taking of opportunities as and when they arise, regardless of planning or principle
  • expediency
  • exploitation
  • taking advantage
  • Machiavellianism
“he was accused of political opportunism”
Meagre (Adjective) (of something provided or available) lacking in quantity or quality
  • inadequate
  • scanty
  • scant
  • paltry
  • limited
  • restricted
  • modest
they were forced to supplement their meagre earnings”
Turmoil (Noun) a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty
  • confusion
  • upheaval(s)
  • turbulence
  • tumult
  • disorder
“the country was in turmoil”

Word Definition Synonyms Usage
Resilience (Noun) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness
  • flexibility
  • pliability
  • suppleness
  • elasticity
rigidity, fragility, vulnerability, weakness
Catastrophe (Noun) an event causing great and usually sudden damage or suffering; a disaster
  • disaster
  • calamity
  • cataclysm
  • crisis
  • holocaust
“an environmental catastrophe”
Paralysed (Adjective) (of a person or part of the body) partly or wholly incapable of movement; disabled
  • disable
  • immobilize
  • render/make powerless
”he became partially paralysed”
Incurring (Gerund) become subject to (something unwelcome or unpleasant) as a result of one’s own behaviour or actions
  • suffer
  • sustain
  • experience
  • bring upon oneself
“I will pay any expenses incurred”
Paradigm (Noun) a typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model
  • model
  • pattern
  • example
  • standard
  • prototype
“society’s paradigm of the ‘ideal woman’”

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