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Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 222

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Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 222

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A Newspaper is a printed or online publication that provides readers with news and articles i.e. the current affairs of a country and the world. Current Affairs play a prominent role in several government-related recruitment exams in India. To better understand the current state of affairs, a candidate should acquire rich vocabulary primarily used by editors and publications of newspaper articles and editorials. SPLessons has made an effort to provide a comprehensive list of commonly used words in newspaper articles and editorials. Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 222 provides the readers with a collection of useful vocabulary for newspapers.

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Word Definition Synonyms Usage
Sluggish (Adjective) slow-moving or inactive.
  • inactive
  • quiet
  • slow
“a sluggish stream”
Curtailed (Verb) reduce in extent or quantity; impose a restriction on.
  • reduce
  • cut
  • cut down
“civil liberties were further curtailed”
Arsenal (Noun) a place where weapons and military equipment are stored or made.
  • armoury
  • arms depot
  • arms cache
“Britain’s nuclear arsenal”
Formidable (Adjective) inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable.
  • intimidating
  • forbidding
  • redoubtable
“a formidable opponent”
Amassed (Verb) gather together or accumulate (a large amount or number of material or things) over a period of time.
  • gather
  • collect
  • assemble
“he amassed a fortune estimated at close to a million pounds”

Word Definition Synonyms Usage
Comatose (Adjective) relating to or in a state of coma.
  • unconscious
  • in a coma
  • insensible
“she had been comatose for seven months”
Bogged (Verb) be prevented from making progress in a task or activity.
  • mire
  • stick
  • trap
“you must not get bogged down in detail”
Striving (Verb) struggle or fight vigorously.
  • try
  • try hard
  • attempt
“scholars must strive against bias”
Abatement (Noun) the action of abating or being abated; ending or subsiding.
  • subsiding
  • dying down/away/out
  • dropping off/away
“this trend shows no sign of abatement”
Dispirited (Adjective) having lost enthusiasm and hope; disheartened.
  • dishearten
  • discourage
  • demoralize
“she was determined to appear unworried in front of her dispirited family”

Word Definition Synonyms Usage
Counteract (Verb) to work in opposition to
  • halt
  • negate
“This ingredient seems to counteract the other ones.”
Peculiar (Adjective) strange, bizarre
  • distinct
  • unique
“Upon entering the abandoned house, Kate experienced a peculiar feeling, as if someone was watching her.”
Refute (Verb) to prove to be untrue, unfounded, or incorrect
  • expose
  • counter
“The student refuted the professor’s claim in class.”
Inconceivable (adjective) not capable of being imagined or grasped mentally; unbelievable.
  • implausible
  • improbable
  • incredible
  • incogitable
“When I looked at my outrageous hospital bill, I blinked at the inconceivable amount.”
Notion (noun) a conception of or belief about something.
  • approach
  • perception
  • impression
  • conception
“When the girl saw how much her friends liked her sugar cookies, she had the notion to open an online bakery.”

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