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Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 144

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Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 144

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A Newspaper is a printed or online publication that provides readers with news and articles i.e. the current affairs of a country and the world. Current Affairs play a prominent role in several government related recruitment exams in India. To better understand the current state of affairs, a candidate should acquire rich vocabulary primarily used by editors and publications of newspaper articles and editorials. SPLessons has made an effort to provide a comprehensive list of commonly used words in newspaper articles and editorials. Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 144 provides the readers with a collection of useful vocabulary for newspapers.

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Word Definition Synonyms Usage
Posit (Verb) put forward as fact or as a basis for argument.
  • put forward
  • advance
  • propound
  • submit
  • predicate
“the Confucian view posits a perfectible human nature”
Compliance (Noun) the action or fact of complying with a wish or command.
  • acquiescence
  • agreement
  • assent
  • consent
“the ways in which the state maintains order and compliance”
Trajectory (Noun) the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces.
  • course
  • route
  • path
  • track
  • line
  • orbit
“the missile’s trajectory was preset”
Circumspection (Noun) the quality of being wary and unwilling to take risks.
  • caution
  • carefulness
  • care
  • wariness
  • chariness
“circumspection is required in the day-to-day exercise of administrative powers”
Apprehension (Noun) anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen.
  • anxiety
  • angst
  • alarm
  • worry
  • uneasiness
  • unease
“he felt sick with apprehension”

Word Definition Synonyms Usage
Churn (Verb) move or cause to move about vigorously.
  • disturb
  • stir up
  • agitate
  • ruffle
“the seas churned”
Critique (Noun) a detailed analysis and assessment of something, especially a literary, philosophical, or political theory
  • analysis
  • evaluation
  • assessment
  • appra<lisal
“a critique of Marxist historicism”
Indictment (Noun) a formal charge or accusation of a serious crime.
  • charge
  • accusation
  • arraignment
“an indictment for conspiracy”
Plummet (Verb) fall or drop straight down at high speed.
  • fall headlong
  • hurtle
  • nosedive
“a climber was killed when he plummeted 300 feet down an icy gully”
Reiterate (Verb) say something again or a number of times, typically for emphasis or clarity.
  • repeat
  • say again
  • restate
  • retell
  • recapitulate
“she reiterated that the government would remain steadfast in its support”

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