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Effects of Gadgets on Intellectual Capabilities of Humans

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Effects of Gadgets on Intellectual Capabilities of Humans

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What is an Electroninc Gadget?
Our day to day life starts and ends with gadgets and has almost become part of our lives. It has transformed from a luxury material to a mandatory one and invaded our lives completely. On the other side, the impact of these gadgets such as mp3 players, mobile phones or tablets has disturbed the communication ability of individuals using gadgets excessively. Although the arrival of mobile phones transformed the people’s ways of communication everywhere and anywhere with others, the negative influence has come to light only recently. The number of people purchasing electronic gadgets that makes their life simple has been increasing rapidly and the dependency of people on these gadgets has also been rising steadily.

There is no denying the fact that gadgets have simplified people’s lives considerably with luxury and comfort. However, the dependency of human on technological devices has been intensifying so much that individuals are unable to function independently without these devices. For instance, microwave, grinder, etc are part of a kitchen and people find it difficult to cook without these electronic devices. It has become a big deal for some people to make simple calculations without calculators. Houses with washing machines are rare these days. Our lives revolve around technology and our brains are highly influenced by the world of gadgets from smartphones to HDTV, Bluetooth to the internet, Wi-Fi to video games and the list goes on.

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Effects of Gadgets – What are the Positive Effects of Gadgets?
Kids develop cognitive skills better and faster with the help of technology. Electronic devices are enabled with puzzle games, drawing boards or scribbling and many other games that engage kids actively. Challenging video games, interactive apps, and educative programs are all easily accessible through various devices. These products are vital in improving the cognitive skills of the kids. The interest shown by the kids towards gadgets makes them learn faster in comparison to books.

Moreover, the emergence of electronic gadgets has completely revolutionized the education with learning tutorial, visual presentations, interactive programs, educational videos and various books that are made available in schools too. Not just with education, technology has been playing a major role in enabling wheelchair users to walk without assistance. Scientists have invented cars that can be driven by visually impaired people. Researchers have discovered medicines to diseases and have helped in increasing the life span of many individuals.

Effects of Gadgets – What are the Negative Effects of Gadgets?
With many benefits from electronic gadgets, life would become standstill if electricity fails. Humanity has to go back to the Dark Ages without electricity, technology, and gadgets. The explosion of digital technology in the present day world has completely transformed the lifestyle of people, the way of communication, the way people see each other, thus altering the brains of human. Furthermore, mental capabilities are lessened in this digital age. People have stopped remembering information as they are confident with the smartphones doing the job of fetching required information through search engines.

It is positive to note that technology and internet help in gaining knowledge but the concern is about the people’s sole rely on the digital world and their intention to stop remembering basic information. Playing football physically and playing it using a gaming console has lots of difference. Physical activity is reduced with the excessive use of gadgets. This may lead to obesity and depression. Gadgets can intoxicate the human mind and make people stop interacting face to face and lose track of surroundings.

Effects of Gadgets – Conclusion:
Technology helps people in simplifying life and provides a better existence. There is no doubt that things are made easy and entertaining with gadgets. Individuals carry out multi-tasking with the assistance of electronic devices. However, the negative impact comes to light when individuals are exposed to gadgets excessively. Constant use of devices has made men isolated and aloof from reality. It has disrupted social relationships, social interactions, and intrapersonal communication. People are forgetting the power of the brain and are losing their intellectual capacity. Summing up, technology must not replace human intellect and memory; instead, it must be used as only a supplement. Lessening the use of gadgets can help the upcoming generation comprehend reality and come out of the virtual world.

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